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Icon Features Specialist

Kurt Hubach, MD -  - Family Practice Physician

Blue Ridge Vein Care, PC

Kurt Hubach, MD

Family Practice Physician & Laser Specialist located in Bedford, VA

The Cynosure Icon® laser technology is a true innovation in the cosmetic sphere with a multitude of uses, applications, and benefits. Family practice physician and laser specialist Kurt Hubach, MD, offers the groundbreaking Cynosure Icon® laser system to zap away your problem body hairs, reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, and more at Blue Ridge Vein Care, PC, in Bedford, Virginia. Explore the many features and benefits of the awe-inspiring Icon laser technology, and call Blue Ridge Vein Care, PC, or use the online scheduler today.

Icon Features Q & A

What is Icon?

Icon provides a complete skin solution and can treat a wide range of skin types to decrease the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks, and so much more.

Cynosure Icon is a laser technology system that’s used to perform a number of cosmetic treatments.

Icon usually involves an in-office treatment in which Dr. Hubach might apply a numbing gel to your skin in the target area before gently applying the specific Icon handpiece to the area and delivering the laser energy.

What are the different Icon features?

Icon offers many impressive features and benefits and can be used for a range of purposes, such as:

  • Wrinkle and fine line reduction
  • Skin resurfacing and skin tightening (photorejuvenation)
  • Cellulite, scarring, and stretch mark reduction
  • Vein removal
  • Hair removal

In just one single treatment, the Icon system can reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Multiple treatments might be necessary for optimal results. 

This ablative fractional laser technology delivers safe and precise energy deep into your skin to stimulate the regeneration of new skin cells. 

The laser energy prompts the production of collagen and elastin to boost the texture and elasticity of your skin. The Icon system has seven handpieces and specific wavelengths that target water, blood, or melanin.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Hubach can explain the many features of the Icon technology and how it works to help you decide if it’s right for you. He takes time to answer your questions and address your concerns.

What are the benefits of Icon?

Dr. Hubach provides the Icon laser technology due to the many benefits, such as:

  • Quick and convenient in-office treatment
  • Impressive results
  • No downtime
  • Results can be seen in as little as four days
  • Natural-looking results
  • Multiple features and applications can treat many different aesthetic concerns
  • Safe and effective for most skin types

Icon laser treatments don’t come along with the risks and side effects often associated with invasive cosmetic surgeries. In just four days, you can expect to notice softer, smoother, and plumper skin as well as diminished blemishes.

Discover the copious benefits of the Icon laser system and take advantage of modern technology to boost your confidence and give you radiant skin. Call Blue Ridge Vein Care, PC, or schedule via the web.